Katie Peterson is a vegetarian chef based in Corning, NY specializing in whole foods and plant based cooking. Though cooking has always come naturally to her, she knows from personal experience that figuring out what to eat isn’t always simple. It has taken her years of trial and error in fields beyond the culinary realm to develop and nurture her own unique (and extraordinarily simple!) eating and lifestyle habits. By cooking and creating with intention, she's here to help you take the guesswork out of what and how to eat. Life can be overwhelming, deciding what to eat shouldn't have to be! 

meal planNING

Sometimes figuring out what to eat is the hardest part. That's where KP's meal planning expertise comes in handy. Offering both seasonal vegetarian meal plans ready for you to download and put to use as well as one of a kind custom meal plans created 100% to your lifestyle and dietary needs,  KP Holistic Chef's meal planning helps you save time and money without sacrificing your health.

intuitive nourishment

Utilizing her years of knowledge, trainings and real life experience, KP has created intuitive nourishment guides to help you define and design a healthy eating style that is unique to you. Each guide is different and designed at its core to help you gain the tools to listen to your body and give it what it needs (and ENJOY what it wants) so you can feel your best.  

vegetarian EVENT Chef

No Mess. No Stress. Just Simple + Nutritious + Delicious Food

KP Holistic Chef will take care of the planning, shopping, cooking, serving and cleaning.  Combining her love of cooking, connecting and helping others KP Holistic Chef specializes in private events as well as group meal prep and cooking classes. Learn more about all via the link below.

destination events + retreat catering 

In need of a great vegetarian chef to prepare fresh, delicious meals for an upcoming trip? Planning an intimate destination event?  In need of catering for a retreat? With years of experience both in the kitchen as well as a guest of destination events and  retreats, KP Holistic Chef makes a great addition to your unique destination event needs.  


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