Holistic Chef, Nutrition Consultant and Registered Yoga Teacher Katie Peterson has combined her years of education, industry and life experience to help you ebb and flow through life with ease. From in home packages, to online offerings and one of a kind yoga culinary events,  KP Holistic Chef's offerings evolve along with you to help keep your body and mind nourished all year long. KP Holistic Chef was founded in Seattle in 2016, however Katie has been nourishing others through personal chef services, nutritional meal planning, yoga instruction and private events for over a decade. Learn more about the KP behind KP Holistic Chef below!

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As long as Katie can remember, she has loved food. Her adoration of all things culinary began at a young age when she discovered butter and was caught eating it by the stick. Some of her earliest memories are of cracking eggs with her teeth while helping her mom “cook” at her childhood home in Kansas. 


This early onset exploration of food developed into professional training at the Le Cordon Blue College of Culinary Arts in Chicago and onto a decade and a half in the hospitality industry. Her professional culinary career has included working with Martial Noguier and Michael Jordan at Chicago based restaurant One Sixtyblue, as the Culinary Director for Portage Bay Café and Catering, nutritional personal chef services for families as well as small businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest, and being a private chef in NY.

Inspired by her years in the Pacific Northwest, she began to contemplate the mind body connection to overall health and well-being. This led her to embark on a 200 hour registered yoga teacher training and into the field of nutritional study. As she began to learn more about food and how it affects us, she started to not just make great tasting food, but great tasting food with nutritional purpose. This has allowed her to excel excel at helping many navigate health issues, dietary restrictions and allergies without feeling undernourished or restricted with what they are consuming.

In the Fall of 2019 she relocated from Seattle to Western NY and settled into the town of Corning in January of 2020. Upon relocating she took a leap to follow her gut and help people in a more inclusive way. ​Her openness, intuition and compassionate nature are some of her greatest assets that allow her to excel at helping others. She continues to learn and grow herself and expand her offerings to help individuals navigate the ebb and flow of life.