Cooking Class



Follow along with Chef KP and learn the foundations to cook like a pro! Each class KP will introduce a new skill set and build on as classes go AND will include a meal made utilizing techniques taught in class. Just watch, follow along or do both and gain the skills to cook like a pro in no time!

Chef KP's Culinary Boot Camp includes 4, 30-45 minute classes building upon each skill set as you go. here's what's in store:

  • Class 1: Knife Skills

  • Class 2: Cooking Techniques

  • Class 3: Prep and Bringing it All Together

  • Class 4: Baking 101

  • Bonus Class:  Kitchen Essentials & Sourdough Starter


also included:

E Book with all info and recipes covered in classes

Kitchen Essentials E Book

Sourdough Starter E Book