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Chef Katie Peterson has been creating delicious nutritious meals for individuals and families for over a decade. Her experience as a nutrition consultant has helped her excel at working with a variety of specialty diets. Below, are highlights of her experience with clients and events over the past decade.

Healthy Personal Chef
Healthy Personal Chef

custom nutritional meal planning and in home meal preparation

Full Time In Home Chef for Private Family of 5 + staff and guests, 1 year: 

daily lunch and dinner service for family of 5 (2 adults and 3 kids under 5) plus 6-8 staff as well as guests, accommodation of specialty diet needs for 1-5 individuals per meal


In Home Personal Chef, 1-2 times a week, family of 6, 2 years:

combination of gluten free and dairy free + nutritious interesting kids friendly dinners. Weight gain for one family member recovering from illness as well as weight gain for 13 year old. 


In Home Personal Chef, 1 -2 times a week, family of 2, 3 years:

gluten free, dairy free, no nightshade free, adhd and inflammation diet, with mostly SIBO and FODMAPP. Combination of in home cooking sessions, meal preparation and occasional delivery for 2 adults

In Home Personal Chef, 1 time a week, family of 3, 2 years:

nutritious gluten free meals and weight loss as well as execution of high end in home celebratory events. 


In Home Personal Chef, 3 times a week, family of 7, 3 years:

healthy family style meals and snacks for large busy family with children ranging from 2-8

custom nutritional meal planning and preparation, delivered 

Weekly Meal Delivery, family of 4, 2 years:

vegan and gluten free household with severe nut allergy and nightshade intolerance

Weekly Meal Delivery, family of 2, 2 years:

migraine elimination diet for 1 member and SIBO / FODMAPP diet for the other

Weekly Meal Delivery, family of 2, 3 months:

seasonal, healthy and satiating meals needed to simply help with having more free time for family members to be together 


Weekly Meal Delivery, family of 3, 1 year:

strict no gluten plus adhd + SIBO + FODMAPP diet and weight gain


Weekly Meal Delivery, family of 1, 3 months:

seasonal vegetarian meals 


Weekly Meal Delivery, Small Business, 7 years:

nutritional meal planing and catering, 7 meals a week for mind body focused eating disorder clinic. Quarterly full serviced  events as well

Healthy Personal Chef
Healthy Personal Chef

 (a smattering of favorites from over the years) 

Wedding for 200 with Passed Hors d Oeuvres and Buffet Style Dinner Service + Full Bar

Wedding for 50 with Passed Hors d Oeuvres and Family Style Dinner Service + Full Bar

50th Birthday for 50 with Buffet Style Dinner and Beer and Wine Service  

Bachelorette Party for 20 with Buffet Style Dinner and Full Bar followed by Morning Yoga and Brunch Buffet with Mimosas

Family Reunion for 40 with Buffet Style Lunch and Desserts 

Picnic in the Park for 30 with Vegetarian Lunch, Snacks and Desserts all on Compostable Platters with Compostable Utensils 

Multi Day Business Event for 150 with morning coffee and buffet breakfast, buffet lunch and mid afternoon coffee refresh and snack service

Lecture Hors D Oeuvres Service for 35 with Non Alcoholic Beverage Station and Buffet Hors d Oeuvres, both bites and platters 

Holiday Dessert Bite Buffet for 75

40th Birthday Celebration for 50 with Hors d Oeuvres Buffet and Dessert Bites

"I have numerous dietary restrictions and food intolerances and Katie helped me with meal planning and execution to accommodate these issues. She was very creative in coming up with tasty meals within my guidelines, and helping me explore and test what would work for me."

Healthy Personal Chef

"I cannot recommend Katie enough. She was an integral part of our recent Wedding. Her openness, professionalism and understanding made her a breeze to work with. She seamlessly and calmly executed our event, and the food! Oh the food. Beyond delicious perfection. If you are planning an event, do not hesitate to work with her, you will not be disappointed."

Healthy Personal Chef

"Katie has made what I as a business owner thought would be impossible not only happen, but happen with ease. She has taken the most difficult set of dietary restrictions and made not just nutritious but delicious meals for our clients. Her creativity is endless. "

Healthy Personal Chef

"Katie is a joy to work with. She is a unique chef in that she is a blend of a professionalism, talent, and creativity"

Healthy Personal Chef

“Katie has helped myself and my wife overcome some severe health issues that came with a list of dietary restrictions with meals delivered to our home. We cannot thank her enough.”

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