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Nutrients Essential for Life!

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Book 1 in the KNOWLEDGE to NOURISH series is all about proteins, carbohydrates and fats, the macronutrients essential for life.

KNOWLEDGE to NOURISH is comprised of 4 separate ebooks, each with complimentary quiz and exercises to assist in integrating all into everyday life.

  • BOOK ONE: MACRONUTRIENTS the nutrients essential for life, all about proteins, carbohydrates and fats

  • BOOK TWO: MICRONUTRIENTS all about vitamins and minerals

  • BOOK THREE: POPULAR FOOD TERMS and FADS defining food terminology and understanding popular diets

  • BOOK FOUR: ALCOHOL, SUGAR and CAFFEINE how these interact with the body, pros, cons and consumption habits for optimal benefit

KNOWLEDGE to NOURISH was created to help you to absorb the foundations of nutrition that impact your everyday life in an approachable and easily digestible way. With the info provided in this 4 book series you will be able to sort thru the overwhelming options of what you SHOULD be eating and make dietary decisions that work for YOU. Because YOU are unique. Your needs and your body are unique. Your schedule, commitments, financial situation and access to certain foods are unique. It’s not a one size fits all situation. With the info you will absorb in KNOWLEDGE to NOURISH, you will become empowered and informed to make dietary decisions that best suit YOU so you can feel your best.

Read one, read them all. You get to choose.If you choose to read all four books, there is no right or wrong way to go about ingesting them. They are designed to be read in order so you can steadily build upon what you learn as you go. It is also recommended to go thru one a week so you can refer back as you complete the exercises and really absorb the info. But again, truly no right or wrong way so please go at your own pace and do what works best for you and your learning style. So dig in, happy learning and HAVE FUN!!!

K2N Book 1
Download PDF • 16.82MB

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