100% cotton flour sack hand dyed with natural indigo dye.


All flour sack towels are one of a kind, hand dyed in all natural indigo dye yielding completely unique patterns.


Towels have been treated to lock color in. 


Indigo Flour Sack Towel

  • Flour sack towels are made up of very thin cotton threads. They are pre-washed, made of 100% cotton, and free of lint. Flour sack towels can be used for many household tasks; cooking, cleaning, drying, polishing, crafting, drying, wiping, and serving. Flour sack towels are not as thick as dish towels, and not as light as cheese cloths, but fall in between. They are very durable, easy to store, absorb liquid quickly, shrink-resistant, and washing machine friendly. 

    Dimension: 28" x 29"

    Care: machine wash with like colors

  • Organic Indigo is a powder from the leaves of the indigo plant called Indigofera tinctoria, one of the oldest dyes known to humankind.  It is the only natural blue. Its colorant is present in other plants, including woad (Isatis tinctoria), Japanese indigo, (Persicaria tinctoria, a buckwheat) and Strobilanthes cusia, a distant cousin to the ornamental Persian Shield that you can buy at Home Depot. Indigo was used to dye shrouds for Egyptian burials, uniforms for Napoleon’s Army, prestige cloth for African chiefs, and to dye denim for blue jeans.  The color was synthesized around 1880 by Alfred Bayer and shortly after the world indigo market collapsed as manufacturers switched to the new miracle synthetic dye.  Cultivation acreage plummeted and within 20 years only a fraction of the indigo used worldwide was from natural sources.