Handmade all natural soy candle with hemp wick in a repurposed (and reusable!) decorative candle base. This one of a kind candle features all natural paraffin free soy wax, lavender essential oil, chammomile essential oil, dried lavender, gold flake and beeswax hemp wick(s). 


Scent Notes: the unique lavender chammomile blend is perfect for Summer yielding grounding properties to help calm the body and mind in an active and light filled season 

Lavender Chammomille Candle

  • Burn Time: total burn time estimated at 15-18 hours.


    Notes On Candle Base: this candle base was salvaged from an antique store in Western NY. Once the candle is done burning, place it in the freezer. Once frozen, wick and remaining wax can easily be removed leaving you with a decorative vessel to use however you like ❤️