Flow with KP Holistic Chef and bring balance to your body and mind. Katie will work with you to tailor a class specific to your needs. Individual, group and online classes available.

60 minute class  $70

75 minute class  $85

90 minute class  $100

Explore what it's like to practice with KP. Check out her yoga videos here. 


at 171 Cedar Arts

Wednesdays, 12:00 - 12:45 pm

Flow through your week with this Wednesday mid day yoga class, the perfect fit to bring balance to your mind and body! This 45 minutes class will begin with gentle movement linked with the breath to help clear your mind and ground you into the moment. Class will then seamlessly transition into a strengthening flow to get your heart rate up and end with a series of restorative stretches leaving you balanced in body and mind.


Don’t have 45 minutes? Don’t worry. Optional 12:30 exit provided. Class appropriate for all levels. Basic knowledge of yoga beneficial but not necessary as part of the class will be more fast paced.

earn more and sign up through the link below. Sign up for the 8 week series or purchase as 4 class pass to drop in as you can.

GREET the MORNING FLOW at 171 Cedar Arts

Saturdays 8:00 am - 9:00 am 

Start your weekend off with an hour of yoga with KP Holistic Chef. Class begins with gentle stretching to get you into your body, transitions into a flow to build heat and strengthen muscles and ends with super grounding and restorative postures to leave you feeling balanced in body and mind.

Learn more and sign up through the link below. Sign up for the 8 week series or purchase as 4 class pass to drop in as you can. Class is also offered online via zoom if you can't make it into the studio. 

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Yoga Equipment

at 171 Cedar arts

Last Friday of every month, 6:00 - 7:00 pm 

Relax and unwind from your week for an hour of pure relaxation in this luxuriously restorative yoga class. Each class will begin with a slow intentional movement to help clear your mind and settle you onto your mat.  You’ll then be guided into a series of postures utilizing meditation, breath work and long holds for deep stretching easing built up tension in muscles and inhibiting fascia release leaving you deeply relaxed in body and mind.


No experience required. All levels