Enjoy seasonal nutritious meals, wherever you are. Whether you are celebrating an event, vacationing and want to eat delicious healthy meals while away or planning a retreat, Chef Katie will  keep you nourished with the best of what's available. Local event service available within 45 miles of Corning, NY. Destination services available worldwide.

Healthy Personal Chef

Wherever you are, Chef Katie will work with you to plan and facilitate any or all of the following:

  • meal planning, including accommodation of specialty diets

  • procurement of local seasonal ingredients 

  • preparation, cooking, service and clean up for all meals

  • specialty event and menu planning if celebrating a specific event

  • additional event planning including procurement of service staff, rentals and floral arrangements as available

As every event is one of a kind, costs vary per need. Contact Chef Katie to receive a custom quote for a local or destination event below.